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Carole Bécam

Born in Brittany in 1968, Carole Bécam is a french abstract artist. She has lived as an islander in the Dominican Republic for seven years before returning to France in 2011 to establish her studio in La Baule-Escoublac fronting the Atlantic Ocean. In this creative space, she combines pigments and sensory experiences to suspend the inexorable march of time. Her abstract work suggests regeneration by the action of a cooled burnt, often subterranean, sometimes aerial. Her paintings invite to a poetic immersion which leads us to explore our own alchemical process.
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Carole Bécam • Instagram (@carole.becam)
A single colored note | August 2022

Carole Bécam (abstract painting) | Catherine Bécam (poetry+voice) | Carine Iriarte (sound design)
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