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Lamia Dorner

Lamia Dorner, born in Geneva in 1973 from a moroccan mother and a swiss father, is a poet, writer and theater actress. Her writing work draws from the source of poets and mystics of the night, while giving the body its primordial role. She regularly collaborates with artists, enriching her art through image or gesture. She played in « La Danse des Affranchies » and « Frustrée » in the independent theater company ‘Les faiseurs de rêve’ based in Geneva. She also made her contribution to the ‘Compagnie Séléné’. She currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.
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MētisPresses | Les nuits panoramiques
Frustrée | Cie Les Faiseurs de Rêve
Projet en cours | Ongoing project 2024

Lamia Dorner (voice+poetry) | Carine Iriarte (sound design+video)
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