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Tania Haberland

Tania Haberland, a tri-national poet (German-South African-Mauritian) is the hybrid of a Hamburg sailor and a Mauritian artist, born in Africa, raised in Arabia and matured in Europe. She publishes, performs and exhibits her poetry and multi-media collaborations across the globe. She lives in Italy where she writes, teaches, sings and creates with the water as her element of connection to this world.  + Read more on Tania Haberland | Versopolis Poetry | + A dialogue with Tania Haberland-Gerald Kraak Award 2017 + Website  The Technology Of Tenderness

// Poetry film //
« Night Rain » a poem by Tania Haberland (from « Hyphen » 2009)

It rained last night.
In the middle of the night, it poured down.
Waking at first, and then lulling to deep
sleep broken only by the smell of the sun,
morning sucking up last night’s rain.
Things to do draining the rain’s dream,
I feel myself falling
into the morning
like last night’s rain.

– Voice, Poetry & Presence : Tania Haberland
– Sound Design & Film : Poetics of Reverie
Filmed in France at Manaska Retreat Center | July 2021

// Cloud Mountains //
This video poem expresses how a southern born global citizen sometimes feels in the wintery north… listen out for a quote from a famous Dylan Thomas villanelle ! + Cloud Mountains – The Technology of Tenderness

– Voice & Poetry : Tania Haberland
– Movement & Presence : Lyndsay Granveau
– Music & Film : Poetics of Reverie

Remerciements chaleureux à Lyndsay Granveau
+ www.biodanza-aude.fr/lyndsay-granveau

Electro Poetry (album // work on progress)

// Poetics of Reverie est un projet artistique collaboratif multiforme qui mêle poésie, musique, peinture, court et moyen métrage, mouvement et nature, avec l’aspiration d’habiter poétiquement le monde ainsi qu’Hölderlin nous invitait à le faire.

 // Poetics of Reverie is a multifaceted collaborative artistic project that mixes poetry, music, painting, short and medium-length films, movement and nature, with the aspiration to poetically inhabit the world as Hölderlin invited us to do. 

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Tania Haberland (voice+poetry) | Carine Iriarte (sound design +video)